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We provide a range of services for small business clients. Whether you're a sole proprietor or mid-sized office with a dozen workstations and a server, we can provide fast onsite service and remote assistance in addition to monthly maintenance and telephone assistance. If you're an established business looking to switch IT providers or a new business needing help designing and installing a new office network, we can help.

Our business clients include insurance agents, lawyers, startups, real estate offices, architecture firms, plumbers, janitorial services, public relations firms, photographers, bars, landscaping firms, schools, non-profits, travel agencies, and a range of other businesses.

Give us a call and find out how we can make IT work for your business.

Data Recovery

Hard drive crashes can come suddenly and without warning. You may turn on your computer one day and receive an "Operating System not found", "Inaccessible Boot Disk", grey screen, or flashing question mark. Hard drives typically last 3 to 5 years before failing but can fail as soon as 6 months to 1 year depending on operating conditions or physical trauma. Even if your computer is still under warranty the manufacturer will not assist you in recovering your data, they will simply send you a new hard drive. Data recovery labs charge steep fees typically ranging from $500 to $3000 and upwards. For many individual users and small businesses, spending thousands of dollars on data recovery is simply not an option. Whether your PC or Mac notebook, desktop, or external hard drive has crashed, there's a good chance your data can be recovered utilizing sophisticated software and hardware based imaging techniques we have developed. Over our 12+ years in business we have successfully recovered data from thousands of drives, including Quickbooks accounting files, thesis papers, large digital music and video libraries, priceless family photos, and terabytes worth of video content for media production companies.

We can also recover data from RAID and NAS volumes, certain types of physically damaged flash drives, as well as some liquid damaged drives. Not sure what happened or when it happened? Just tell us everything you know and we'll give you our honest opinion as to whether the data can be recovered.

Our pricing structure for data recovery is simple: $180 per drive if we can recover some or all of the data and no charge if we aren’t able to recover any data. Certain types of recoveries may require additional parts such as replacement PCBs at a nominal additional cost.

Apple Mac Service & Repair

We service and repair a wide range of Apple products including the latest MacBook Pros, MacBook Air, Mac Pro Desktops, iMacs, and Mac Minis. In addition to new products we also service older Apple laptops and desktops. We also provide support for MacOS software including iTunes (AKA Apple Music), FileMaker, Parallels and VMWare, Adobe Creative Suite, and Microsoft Office for Mac. We provide data recovery services for Mac laptops and desktops, external hard drives, and Time Capsules. We also repair liquid damaged MacBooks as well as other hardware repairs like keyboard and cracked screen replacement. We do not service iPod Touch, iPhones, or iPads.

Contact us for more information.

Virus & Malware Removal

The proliferation of so-called smart home and IOT devices, it is increasingly imported to have your devices and networks secured from viruses and malware. In addition to traditional viruses, there has also been a significant increase in so called ransomware attacks where an individual or business is targeted with phishing emails that contain a virus that silently infects your computer (and sometimes entire office networks), encrypting personal and business data and depositing ransom notes requesting payment in BitCoin or other cryptocurrencies. These ransomware attacks have targeted not only cities, large corporations, and hospitals, but also a broad spectrum of small businesses and individuals. Malware is most noticeable in its obvious forms: slowing down your computer with popups, hijacking browser homepages or toolbars, and redirecting internet searches. But it also possesses the much more sinister capability of harvesting your personal information - including your credit card numbers, SSN, and online banking logon - and using it for identity theft or fraud. The good news is that there are some decent free antivirus and antispyware programs available for the home user, as well as economical options for businesses and individuals who want comprehensive protection.


How valuable is your data? This is a question many people unfortunately don't consider until it's too late. A hard drive crash can be devastating, whether you lose accounting data, e-mails, or a term paper. Laptop hard drives are particularly susceptible to overheating or physical trauma which may render the data unrecoverable. With external hard drives getting bigger and cheaper every year and a proliferation of cheap cloud backup services, there's no reason to leave your data at risk. Don't wait until it's too late, get a reliable backup system in place now!

New Computer Setup and Data Transfer

Are you considering upgrading to a new desktop or laptop PC but need to have your data transferred over? Have you suffered a hard drive crash and need to restore your system from a backup drive or disks? Need to mirror data on one computer to another? Whatever your setup we can help you find the right method to transfer your data reliably and safely.

Server Support

Does your small business need reliable on-call technical support for your Windows Server system? We can provide monthly server maintenance and support services. Is your company network operating without a server? Do you need to share files, Outlook contacts and calendars, Quickbooks or Peachtree accounting data, or host a FileMaker or SQL database? Want to setup a domain logon and limit user access to specific directories? We can design a custom server system that will meet your business needs without breaking the budget. If you've already got the hardware we can provide support for your existing Windows Server. For businesses on a tight budget we can setup a network attached storage (NAS) server for centralized file access and backup. For businesses with 10 or less workstations this can save thousands of dollars while still offering much of the same functionality.

Copy of Troubleshooting


Just tried your hand at building a new computer but can’t get it to power on? Or has your trusty workhorse started crashing, randomly shutting off, or just won’t power on at all? Are keys on your laptop suddenly not working? Trackpad bad? Screen glitching, showing blocks or distorted colors? Whether you think you might know what’s wrong but don’t have the tools or parts to test it, or whether you’ve got no idea at all what went wrong and just want to get back up and running contact us. Often with computers you may run into intermittent problems so it’s important that you provide us with as much detail as you can in regards to what exactly is happening, when it happens, and what specific activities (if any) seem to cause the problem. With over a dozen years in the business we’ve seen a lot of problems from simple to complex, and while we can’t solve every mystery, we’ll do our best Sherlock-work to find the cause of the problem and resolve it.

Copy of Keyboard Replacement

Keyboard Replacement

From replacing just a single laptop key cap to replacing an entire laptop keyboard, we can service laptop keyboards for all makes and models from Apple, Alienware, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Samsung, Sony, Acer, Asus, Razer, and more. If you laptop is just missing a keycap like the photo shown we may be able to replace just the key itself for a low cost. If your laptop has had a liquid spill, or even if it has no visible damage, but has dead or scrambled keys, we may need to replace the entire keyboard, and on certain models, the entire palmrest assembly. Cost varies by model so be sure and provide your system’s full model number when contacting us so that we can get you an estimate.

Copy of Copy of DC Jack Repair and Soldering

Soldering and DC Jack Repair

If your laptop doesn’t charge, won’t turn on, or has trouble maintaining a consistent charging state, it is possible that the internal DC jack may be damaged. This is a common problem with HP, Dell, Lenovo, Acer, Asus, Samsung, and other PC manufacturers. Whether you tripped over your power cord and snapped the jack in one expletive filled moment, or it just slowly wore out, after having to be wiggled or held in place, we can get in a new jack installed and restore power to your portable device.

We also specialize in microsoldering and have a hot air rework station for other component level repairs including capacitor, resistor, fuse, diode, and BIOS chip replacement.

We do not do BGA video chip reflow or replacement.

Copy of Liquid Damage Repair

Liquid Damage Repair

From a Cedars Sinai doctor who knocked a beer onto a colleagues MacBook Air at happy hour, to an exasperated mother whose kid dumped cup of water on her new Dell XPS, to a USC student’s Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga, drenched in an unexpected downpour on a patio table, we’ve heard a lot of sob stories about peoples personal computing devices that have taken an unexpected drink.

Each case of liquid damage is unique, and while not all are repairable, we utilize the best in ultrasonic cleaning technologies, combined with microsoldering repairs to try to resurrect your liquid damaged electronics.

If your device has sustained a terminal injury, we can often still recover the data from your hard drive, and help you get your precious documents, photos, accounting data, and other files over to a new PC or Mac.

Contact us to schedule a time to get your device checked out. And please, don’t stick it in bag of rice…

Copy of Laptop Motherboard Repair and Replacement

Laptop Motherboard Repair or Replacement

Have you been told by your work IT department, computer manufacturer, the Geek Squad, or another shop that your laptop motherboard needs to be replaced and been quoted a sky-high price?

We have over a dozen years troubleshooting and repairing laptops and while not every motherboard can be repaired, manufacturers, big box tech stores, and understaffed work IT departments will often write off a system as unrepairable without much consideration.

If we can’t repair your motherboard, we’ll do our best to locate a reasonably priced replacement for you if you want to go ahead with motherboard replacement service. Please be aware that some motherboards are quite expensive to replace, especially Alienware, Apple, and Razer. Contact us to schedule a time to get your checked out so that we can provide you with an informed estimate.

Copy of Desktop Repair

Desktop Motherboard Repair or Replacement

Is your custom or brand name desktop suddenly crashing, not turning on, or powering on but not posting (no video)?

We have over a dozen years experience troubleshooting and repairing desktops and while not every motherboard can be repaired, manufacturers will often write off a system as unrepairable without much consideration.

If we can’t repair your motherboard, we’ll do our best to locate compatible and reasonably priced replacement for you if you want to go ahead with motherboard replacement service. Contact us to schedule a time to get your checked out so that we can provide you with an informed estimate.

Copy of Laptop Screen Replacement

Cracked Screen Replacement

If you’ve dropped, stepped on, sat on, or closed your laptop lid on a pair of earbuds, you might have a nasty surprise the next time you open your laptop lid: a spiderweb of cracked glass, inkblots, rainbow colors. Yep, your screen is cracked.

From beautiful MacBook Retina screens to touchscreen PC laptops like the HP Spectre, Dell XPS, Toshiba Satellite, and Lenovo Yoga, we can replace cracked screens for almost any model. There is no one size fits all pricing for replacement laptop screens as each model has varied screen types and availability so you’ll need to contact us with your laptop model and serial number for us to provide an estimate.

Copy of Heatsink Cleaning

Fan and Heatsink Cleaning

If your laptop is running hotter than normal your may experiencing lagging, frame-rate drops while gaming, and reduced performance as your system reduces power to the CPU and GPU in order to try to reign in temperatures. Worst case scenario, if your laptop fan fails completely or your system heatsinks are jammed with dust and lint, your system may start shutting off when it is under heavy load. This is due to a safety measure that cuts power to the system when your CPU or GPU reaches a threshold temperature. If your cooling fan is running very loud or making a rattling or grinding noise the fan bearings may be worn out and the fan may need to be replaced. Another important aspect of cooling is the thermal paste that helps bond your CPU or GPU to the heatsink so that your fans can efficiently exhaust the hot air out of the system. Over time that thermal paste dries out and becomes less efficient, which is why we always recommend removing the heatsink and cleaning off the old thermal paste and replacing it with new, fresh, and high quality thermal paste.

Contact us with your laptop model number so we can provide an estimate.

Copy of Battery Replacement

Battery Replacement

We’ve all had the experience: you buy a new electronic device and out of the box the battery life is great but after a few years it starts to fade until you are constantly left searching for an outlet to charge it after even a short period of usage.

No battery will last forever, and modern lithium ion batteries used in most laptops generally last between 2-5 years before wearing out. We can replace batteries for pretty much any manufacturer, from Apple, Dell, Alienware, Asus, Lenovo, and Sony to name a few. Contact us with your laptop model number for an estimate.

FYI, we don’t do phone or iPad battery replacements, only laptops and PC tablets.

Copy of Desktop Upgrades


So you bought a computer a few years back and initially it was great: fast, smooth, responsive but recently things have been well, lacking: sluggish, stubborn, finicky. Hey, maybe it’s time for an upgrade!

Even if you bought a new $300 junker PC laptop that’s slow as molasses due to it’s anachronistic spinning hard drive, upgrading to an SSD may give it’s existence new purpose. Or perhaps you’ve got a gaming PC or custom built workstation that needs upgrades for the latest game or newest Creative Cloud Suite, we can recommend upgrades from new graphics cards and RAM to NVMe SSDs that will take your system to infinity and beyond, or at least give it a few more years of life.

Whether you’ve got a desktop, laptop, iMac, Mac Mini, or Mac Pro (sorry MacBook owners, you’re out of luck if you’ve got a post 2012 model, aside from the hard drive, newer Mac laptops can’t be upgraded) contact us with the details of what you’ve got in mind so we can provide you with an estimate.


Custom Built Workstations

One of our specialties here is custom built workstations. With over a dozen years of PC building experience we focus our builds around 3 core tenants: power, performance, and reliability. Here in Los Angeles, creative professionals require ever increasing amounts of processing power whether for video editing, photography, audio production and recording, engineering, virtual reality, game design, or CAD.

Clients rocking some of our custom builds are architects, photographers, musicians, video editors, and radio producers.

Of course we also do builds for gamers, as well as the occasional connoisseur of computing who just wants a solid, well built PC that will last years.

Please note, we are not a parts dealer and we don’t stock parts or sell prebuilt systems, each system is custom built to your needs and this takes time both to design and later to built, so please don’t waste our time if you are not serious. The cheapest custom builds start around $800-$1000 for a basic system, but can run up to $5000+ for higher end, more powerful builds with bleeding edge CPUs, high performance graphics, maxed out RAM, NVMe SSDs, and redundant RAIDED storage drives.

Contact us with details about your budget, computing needs, and any other relevant details.


WiFi and Networking

Maybe you’ve got a big house, or an old house with thick lath and plaster walls, or a large, industrial workspace, a restaurant, or a backyard granny unit or workshop, and the wireless internet that you have currently just isn’t cutting it. It drops out somewhere on the second floor, or out by the pool, or in your kid’s room when they are streaming Netflix, or in the back bedroom, or on the patio where your employee is trying to process a payment on a wireless tablet. What can be done?

Recent advanced in WiFi technology such the new high speed wireless AC standard have increased the speed and coverage of wireless networks for both home users and small businesses. However, wireless routers provided by internet service providers are still woefully inadequate and suffer from poor performance, reliability, and a dearth of features. For those with larger areas to cover or older buildings, it is often necessary to upgrade your router to a more powerful model, or implement a new mesh WiFi system like those offered by Netgear’s Orbi, Google WiFi, Asus, TP-Link, Belkin, Linksys and others.

Last but not least, wired networks are still superior in performance and reliability. While mesh networks are popular for their ease of use and relatively cable free setup, there is no substitute for a wireless network built around hardwired access points like Ubiquiti Network’s UniFi system. Also, with growing support for the new 10GbE standard by Apple and other PC manufacturers, clients in professional video editing and other content creation fields may want to consider upgrading their NAS and networks to take advantage of the performance benefits 10GbE will bring.

Contact us with your tale of wireless woes and more information about your home or business location and what type of service you are interested in.